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  • Deep dive into the first 4 modules + Q&A on all of the course modules to build your probate listing funnel!
  • Gain access to 10 modules, 5 hours of video training, a 30-page manual, a probate leads spreadsheet, networking/event ideas, and business resources.
  • Redefine your real estate success and step into a world of limitless potential and undeniable success!
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Probate Properties: Your Gateway to Untapped Real Estate Listing Opportunities in Any Market

Our expertly curated course empowers you with strategies, insights, and specialized knowledge to tap into the lucrative world of probate listings. Gain confidence with step-by-step guidance, real-world case studies, and actionable tips.

Attract Sellers: Become the go-to agent for probate sales in your community. Offer your expertise during challenging times and earn trust and referrals.
Make Connections: Expand your network and forge valuable referral partnerships with legal professionals.
Generate Leads: Learn the secret to free leads and let motivated sellers come to you.
Build Your Brand: Add a new revenue stream and become the thought leader in probate real estate.

It All Starts With A Niche
Incorporating a niche like probate real estate can boost your listings, whether you're a solo agent, team lead, or broker. Imagine crafting a new division within your established real estate enterprise!

Probate Real Estate Boot Camp: Your Pathway to Success
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Plant the seeds for a recession-proof, prosperous real estate career.
Start with one niche and build your business one step at a time.

Replicate results. Not work.

What you will Get:

* 6 Comprehensive Modules + 4 Bonuses

* 5 Hours of Video Training

* 30-Page Training Manual

* Training On Sourcing FREE Probate Leads

*How To Create Your Network of Attorneys To Work With

* Examples of Letters to Mail to Attorneys and Inherited Property Owners

* Probate Leads Tracking Spreadsheet

* Social Media Swipe Files & Done For You Posts

* 30 Day Social Media Calendar

* Networking/Event Ideas

* An Array of Business-Building Resources

* 4 Bonuses including a Monthly Q & A Call

Scroll down for a breakdown of the modules and bonuses!

You'll be equipped to redefine your real estate success story. This is your invitation to step into a world of limitless potential and undeniable success.

Module 1:

Probate Real Estate Boot Camp - Getting Started With Probate!

This module is crafted to unveil the intricacies and inform you about probate real estate and the of the probate listing niche, laying a robust foundation for your growth and success in this specialized field.

Includes: Video Tutorial on Getting Started With The Probate Listing Niche, Video Search Tutorial of Bar Association Directories, 30-page training Manual, Smart Goals Work Sheet, Attorney Spread Sheet, 12 -Week Marketing Plan + Weekly Homework and Takeaways.

Module 2:

Probate Real Estate Boot Camp - Finding and Sourcing Free Leads!

Discover the mastery of identifying and methodically organizing Probate Leads. This comprehensive module is designed to equip you with the essential skills and knowledge to show you how to source leads, empowering you to realize and unleash your potential in this specialized area fully.

Includes: Video Tutorial on Understanding How To Source and Organize Probate Leads, Video #1 Tutorial - How To Source Probate Leads, Video #2 Public Notice Ads Website Video Tutorial, Additional Video Tutorial - Searching Another County Clerk of the Court For Information, Video #3 Video Tutorial Probate Tracking Sheet, YouTube Interview with a Probate Attorney + Weekly Homework and Takeaways + Probate Letters To Personal Rep/Executor, Attorney Introduction and Tracking Spreadsheet

Module 3:

Probate Real Estate Boot Camp - Working and Building Relationships With Attorneys!

Explore the nuanced realm of Probate Home Sellers and Probate Attorneys. Learn how to engage with Personal Representatives/Executors. This module builds a solid foundation for success, equipping you with the knowledge and techniques essential for thriving in this specialized field.

Includes: Video Tutorial Probate Home Sellers and Probate Attorneys + Prepping The Listing and The Personal Representative, State of Florida Consumer Pamphlet Link, Searching For Attorneys Video Tutorial, Homework + Takeaways + Content Ideas + Brochure/Lead Magnet Inspiration + Business Card Idea with QR Code.

Module 4:

Probate Real Estate Boot Camp - Building Your Brand and Marketing Your Niche!

This module reveals the secrets of crafting and promoting a compelling brand across various social media platforms. This culminates with insights on celebrating post-probate sales and gathering impactful reviews designed to create a resonating and lasting impression in your field.

Includes: Video Tutorial on Creating & Promoting Your Brand | Social Media | Post Probate Sale + Reviews, Homework + Takeaways.

Module 5:

Promote Yourself - Swipe File Social Media Graphics and 30-Day Social Media Calendar for Probate and Inherited Property Content!

Accelerate your professional journey by harnessing the power of self-promotion. Equip yourself with our comprehensive Swipe Files, featuring captivating Social Media Graphics, and utilize our expertly designed 30-Day Calendar. These tools are crafted to help you consistently showcase your brilliance and stand out in your field.

Includes: Swipe File Social Media Graphics You Can Copy and Make Your Own and 30 Day Social Media Calendar.

Module 6:

Creating Landing Pages As Lead Magnets!

Gain proficiency in and understanding of the value of landing pages to attract motivated probate sellers.

Not only will you get all of that, but you'll also

get all of these Bonuses...

Bonus 1 - Unlock a treasure trove of dynamic Products and Services, each designed to empower you as you navigate through a realm brimming with limitless opportunities. These tools are tailored to elevate your journey in the probate real estate landscape, offering you an edge in every step.

Bonus 2 - Dive into the world of high-profile estate and probate affairs with our regularly updated Celebrity Estate and Probate News section. Engage with thought-provoking headlines and gain access to an invaluable repository of Resources that will keep you informed and ahead in your field.

Bonus 3 - Begin a transformative journey of personal and professional evolution with our 'Crafting Your Real Estate Identity' program. This enlightening bonus is designed to unlock the full potential of your Personal Brand, reshaping your path to success with newfound clarity and purpose.

Includes: Crafting Your Real Estate Identity: Building and Unleashing Your Personal Brand - PDF E-Guide & Worksheet

Bonus 4 - Q & A Monthly Live Zoom Calls | Recordings Are Available Here To Watch

~ Enhance your experience and broaden your network with exclusive access to our Monthly Zoom Meetup Recordings. These sessions provide a wealth of knowledge, insights, and networking opportunities, connecting you with like-minded professionals and enriching your journey in the probate real estate domain.


The Benefits of Niche Marketing

Less Competition

Rather than try to compete with
the real estate industry at large,
carve your own path and find
your own customers with a
specific niche.

Targeted Audience

With a niche, you have a smaller
audience that is more receptive
to your message. You'll attract
motivated customers looking
for specialized professionals
over generalists.

Increase Revenue

Focus on a specific area of
expertise to create an
opportunity for upselling and
cross-selling specific services.



★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Thanks to The Probate Real Estate Boot Camp, I've cracked the code to success. From free leads to comprehensive training, attorney insights, and listing funnel strategies – it's the ultimate package!"

- Patricia Ann Young

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

The combination of educational videos, customizable letters, and Michele's prompt response to all my inquiries gave me the confidence to approach attorneys and sellers to work with and to create an untapped listing funnel not dependent on the changes in the economy."

- Terri Repetto

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"I will vouch this was an amazing class with tons of information!!!! Lots of work but successfully closed 16 probate properties this year!"

- Jessica Millerwise

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Overall excellent training on the probate side of real estate. Everything was covered, from dealing with executors and attorneys and finding lead sources. Sample letters were also very helpful. Michele Bellisari was always available to answer any questions. She even went out of her way to look up probate information in my state. Looking forward to growing my real estate business with what I learned. Thank you again."

- Jim Klimko

A Word From Michele

I'm Michele Bellisari, and I've been rocking the real estate game in Boca Raton for years.
If you're stuck in the vanilla world of standard listings, let me show you how to level up.
I specialize in unique niches like probate listings and senior downsizing.
Why blend in when you can stand out? Let's make real estate more than just a transaction—let's make it an experience for the long term!
To your success and the niche road less traveled!

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